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ZM1515 Meat Grinder Function

Matching the meat grinder feature to a horizontal juicer can enhance the versatility of your juicer by allowing you to grind meat and perform other food processing tasks.

1, Sausage Stuffer: A sausage stuffer function allows you to fill casings with ground meat mixtures to create your own homemade sausages. This attachment typically includes different-sized nozzles to accommodate various sausage casing sizes.

2, Kubbe Attachment: A kubbe attachment is designed specifically for making traditional Middle Eastern kubbe (also known as kibbeh) dishes. It helps shape the ground meat mixture into the characteristic elongated shape with a hollow center for stuffing.

3, Jerky Slicer: A jerky slicer attachment is designed to slice meat into thin strips, perfect for making homemade jerky. It ensures uniform thickness and makes the jerky preparation process easier.


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Meat Grinder + Sausage Former


Die Cast Aluminum

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